Thursday, November 29, 2007

Celebrity Beauty Tips - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips of the Stars

Celebrities enjoy huge fan following especially when it comes to beauty and style matters. Being a style-icon a celebrity is imitated by his admirers once he builds an image. A celebrity beauty tip, whether it be about skin care, acne prevention, hair styling, reducing body weight or any other issue related to improving looks has always been cherished by the admirers. Adjudged from this angle, the best celebrity beauty tip of the present age seems to be being ones own self.

Inspired by the doctrine that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and colors and is more about self-expression than mere imitation of someone else's style, modern fans go for personal styling. A few generations back an individual would be content with just getting an Elvis Presley hair cut or a Marilyn Monroe makeup even if that gave a more or less dumb look. A present generation Tom Cruise admirer instead customizes the star's hairstyle to best suit his personality. Similarly, a woman obsessed with Julia Roberts may not opt for a curly crop, but rather sport her hair straight, a la Brooke Shield's style.
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The same celebrity beauty tip holds for make up and attires. Considering the camera glares and flashes they are exposed to, it is very fitting that a beauty pageant winner or a celebrity will settle on heavy makeup and some out of the ordinary clothing. However, when adopted in everyday lives, the too gorgeous, overtly glamorous looks will best be termed ‘blunders' on the fashion-front. No wonder that young women go for a lot of scaling down and opt for the ‘girl next door' look rather than the ‘Diva' look.
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Most celebrities consider beauty as ‘not just skin deep', and hence concentrate a lot on health care and grooming. With useful advices as natural and homemade beauty tips on skin, hair care and on other health related issues, this happens to be the most helpful aspect of celebrity worship. Although most of the beauty secrets shared by the stars are no different from the natural beauty tips one has grown up with, youngsters pay heed to these time tested beauty secrets only when it comes in the form of a celebrity beauty tip.
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A celebrity beauty tip can be anything such as

• Sticking to healthy lifestyle • Giving the body its regular quota of exercises • Increased intake of water • Meditation • Direct application of natural products like honey, milk, etc. • Application of homemade beauty potions • Application of other beauty treatments like TCA skin peels, etc.
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The perfect combination of homemade beauty tips with occasional TCA peels seems the right answer when it comes to stopping the onslaught of professional stress and makeup. The fast-action TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) skin peels cause acne, pigmentation problems, scars and wrinkles to vanish in matter of moments and is perfectly safe. With the effects of the chemical skin exfoliation lasting for 6 months to a year, application by medical practitioners is recommended. The wide acceptance of TCA peels in the medical community has made it much more than just a celebrity beauty tip.

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